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Feel the empowering experience of breathing and flowing together! Check out my weekly schedule for public classes here


Individually customized classes

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Here’s What They’re Saying

Doing the TT at HiYoga was such a treat! It has strengthened and inspired my personal practice and given me the foundation I need to embark on a teaching journey. I am super inspired! I would love to keep learning from Eilin as she is so experienced, knowledgeable, positive and she sees each one of us and what we need to work on. Thank you!!

Christina Skreiberg

The teacher training with HiYoga offered me an opportunity not only to grow physically but mentally as well. I feel more at peace and content with life. I enjoyed meeting so many new and interesting people not only teachers but the other students as well. We could all grow in our own pace and it was truly a safe space for everyone. I wholeheartedly would recommend doing a teacher training with HiYoga

Eira Rønneberg

A great choice for anyone who wants to take that crucial next step, be it for a deeper self-practice or to become a yoga teacher, or just even a better one. This course will make you profoundly question why you practice yoga and how that can help you be a better you. Enjoy!

Christian Pollock Fjellstad

Eilin is a truly unique yoga teacher and person. I love her creative and dynamic classes, always full of alternatives to suit different levels and needs, and I even more admire her warm-hearted, cheerful and loving spirit. She has in-debt knowledge about yoga philosophy and practices, which she shares in a humble and enlightening way. I always leave her classes with a more open heart and a calmer mind.

I am so grateful to have Eilin as my teacher, and also for having completed HiYoga´s Vinyasa Teacher Training with her as the head teacher. I could not recommend her more <3

Elisabeth Eikeland

I have followed Eilin´s yoga classes for more than 5 years. Eilin incorporates the full integration of the physical and mental parts of human being transferring through her yoga practice. She is didactic into perfection in her understanding of instructing participants from a simple to the most advanced yoga practices. It is a real pleasure to recommend her - thus enabling you to find your own personality and balance in life.

Karol Axcrona

Eilin som lærer og person har en helt unik varme og utstråling som får deg til å
umiddelbart føle deg komfortabel og inspirert i hennes nærvær. Til dags dato
har jeg aldri møtt en lærer av noe slag som gir så mye av deg selv til elevene
sine, hun stiller opp med åpenhet og god tid, empati, sprudlende energi og
masse inspirasjon. Timene blir aldri kjedelige med kreative flows tilpasset alle
nivåer. Om du trenger et sted å koble av fra dagen eller et sted for å pushe
deg litt lengre enn du visste du kunne er timene til Eilin en perfekt match

Inga Holt

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